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CrunchYard offers an engineering simulation service over the Internet on a pay per use basis.

The service allows scientists and engineers to submit simulations which are then run on CrunchYard's system for faster processing through an easy to use interface.

Simulation gallery

Displayed here are a couple of examples showcasing what you can run on the CrunchYard system.The turbine was modelled using Star-CCM+ while the rest were modelled in FEKO.

What type of applications do CrunchYard have on its system ?

CrunchYard can run most multi cpu capable simulation software. The most commonly used applications: STAR-CCM+, LAMMPS, GAMESS and FEKO are listed here. Many applications avialable upon request. Custom applications like DCIP, H3DTD, TDOCT available to approved users.

Need more processing power ?

Run a large simulation faster, or run lots of small simulations at the same time on CrunchYard's system, providing quicker turn around time for finding those important answers.

Can't afford your own super computer ?

Making use of CrunchYard's cluster means you don't have to buy and manage your own equipment. Just use CrunchYard's services as the need arises.

Register now and get 20 credits free.
Easy to use web interface
Work in a secure environment
No complicated Linux scripting
View simulations as they happen
From $0.30 Per Core Hour
4 Core simulations under 1 hour Free (Chemistry packages excluded)
20 credits available on registration

Usage prices

The rates below are our pay per use rates.

Amount Price Total
50 credits .50c $25
100 credits .50c $50
500 credits .50c $250
1000 credits .45c $450
10000 credits .42c $4200
100000 credits .40c $40000
200000 credits .35c $70000
300000 credits .30c $90000

For other rates, academic institution prices, or for any other queries and quotes, please contact us at

We can set up your own custom simulation software on our cluster
For private or public use
Run large simulations quickly using up to 300 cores and 2.5TB of RAM instantly.
Some of our clients
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CrunchYard currently covers the following sectors, with more being planned for the future.

  • Exploration Geophysics
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Electromagnetics for antenna design
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Multiphysics

CrunchYard offers an engineering simulation service over the Internet on a pay per use basis. The service allows scientists and engineers to submit simulations via a web page that then run on a cluster.
How it works
1. Upload your model
2. Check your progress
3. Download your results
Recent News

CrunchYard is pleased to announce their academic offering for HPC in the cloud

The academic offering allows anyone with a valid academic e-mail to instantly access the online HPC facility.

Group accounts can be created for your research group, where simulation credits are shared. Credits are valid for 2 months after purchase.

Academic accounts include access to over 300 true CPU cores, and the following simulation software:

  • FEKO
  • CP2K

Other licensed codes are available on request (such as CPMD, STAR-CCM+ etc.)

Register an account at or contact Dr Renier Dreyer at +27 (0)11 717 6379

CPMD, designed for molecular dynamics, is now available on request

The online simulation platform, CrunchYard, has made CPMD available to users.

The CPMD code is a plane wave/pseudopotential implementation of Density Functional Theory, particularly designed for ab-initio molecular dynamics. Its first version was developed by Jurg Hutter at IBM Zurich Research Laboratory starting from the original Car-Parrinello codes.

The current version, 3.17, is copyrighted jointly by IBM Corp and by Max Planck Institute, Stuttgart, and is distributed free of charge to non-profit organizations. Profit organizations interested at the code should contact CPMD.

To start using CPMD on CrunchYard, create and account at and agree to the terms and conditions. Register an account at or contact Dr Renier Dreyer at +27 (0)11 717 6379 and request CPMD access on the HPC facility.

NWCHEM now available on CrunchYard

NWCHEM provides high performance computational chemistry tools in terms of parallel processing for SuperComputers and the variety of problems that can be solved.

NWCHEM software can handle:

  • Biomolecules, nanostructures, and solid-state
  • From quantum to classical, and all combinations
  • Ground and excited-states
  • Gaussian basis functions or plane-waves
  • Scaling from one to thousands of processors
  • Properties and relativistic effects

Start using NWCHEM resource efficiently right away! Simply register at or contact Dr Renier Dreyer at +27 (0)11 717 6379.