Office HPC Systems

Self-contained Office High Performance Computing Systems

Created for true high performance, crafted in the sciences, tested in industry and perfected for rapid and easy deployment for any use case – MHPC systems bring the power of true HPC into the office. No need for specialised server rooms or additional racks – MHPC are totally self-contained and fully scalable and can be deployed in any space.

Soundproofed and ventilated, MHPC systems are fully portable and come preconfigured with scheduler, file systems and communications. MHPC systems use any Linux operating systems (including Ubuntu, Red Hat, OpenSuse, Suse). Simply install your software and the unit can communicate seamlessly with your license servers.

All systems include one headnode, UPS and network switch.

  • Preconfigured, just plug and play
  • Soundproofed, ventilated
  • Totally self-contained with wheels, UPS and more

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Available in 3 sizes


128 Cores
1024GB RAM
2 Compute nodes

256 Cores
2048GB RAM
4 compute nodes

512 Cores
4096GB RAM
8 compute nodes

Ready to be deployed rapidly anywhere in the world, MHPC units include UPS shutdown assist, multi-user access and FREE 1-year remote management support. Fully scalable, they can be linked together. Select your choice of CPU or GPU. They can also be custom configured for more redundancy, bespoke functionality or easy burst-to-cloud capability.

Use Cases :

Financial and Climate modelling; Monte Carlo Simulations; Computer-aided engineering; Exploratory data analysis; Genomic sequencing; Machine learning and artificial intelligence; Seismic processing; Video, VFX and graphics rendering; Computational electromagnetics; Computational chemistry; DEM; Multiphysics; Fluid Dynamics; Exploration Geophysics and more.

Typical software :

ANSYS, STARCCM+, Matlab, OpenFOAM, CP2K, Julia, GROMACS, ADF, Blender, Seismic Unix, Octave, Python, R, FEKO, SAS, FVCOM, ElmerFEM, ESSS ROCKY, your own MPI Code and more.

Custom On-Site HPC Clusters

Neither hardware providers nor software providers are equipped to help organisations create fit-for-purpose HPC environments: high performance computing capabilities specifically designed to work with their legacy systems, environments and workflows. For over fifteen years, businesses, academic institutions and organisations around the world have trusted CrunchYard to implement HPC solutions that work with - and for - their requirements. Our systems are bespoke solutions, created on site and with the ability to bounce to cloud if required.

CrunchYard Plug & Play HPC Cloud

  • Instant Plug and Play Cloud HPC Cluster
  • Pay per use – no wastage
  • Easy to set up and run

Azure HPC Clusters

CrunchYard on Azure

  • Instant access to your own cluster
  • Built on SUSE Linux Enterprise High-Performance Computing
  • Automatic setup in minutes
  • Fully customisable – management scripts

Simply find us on the Azure Marketplace.